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To submit information about a new minyan, fill in the form below. The minyan will appear immediately in the goDaven database. Not every field in the form needs to be filled in, but try to fill in as much as possible. Please review the "Please Take Note" section on the right prior to filling this form.

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If you have any difficulty filling out the above form, send an email to minyan [at] goDaven [dot] com with all of your minyan information, and I will ensure it gets entered into the database.

Thank you for participating, and for helping grow. Through your efforts, your minyan should merit to grow, as well.

Please Take note

goDaven is a database of Orthodox minyanim only. Do not submit a non-Orthodox minyan or it will be removed.


Before submitting a new minyan, please check to ensure that your minyan is not already on the website. If you want to update information for a minyan already listed on the website, locate the minyan page and click the "Update this Minyan" button, located below the minyan map.

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For each Minyan below, type in the exact time, in the format "__:__ _M". For example, 12:00 PM, or 7:30 AM. Don't forget to mention the "AM" or "PM."

For any minyan whose time changes regularly, to enter additional minyan times, or to provide any additional information for a minyan you can type in the Text Description box (the right-most column) for that minyan. For example, "5 minutes before Shkiah," or "Except on Sunday." The text box holds more text than appears - just keep typing and it will scroll.